Jade Cottage Restaurant

Specialising in Peking and Thai cuisine

The restaurant is tastefully furnished and the head chef is very passionate about delivering authentic meals. Whether you are looking for a cosy meal for 2, a celebration dinner, or a party booking we can accommodate up to 100 guests seated in our restaurant.

  • Licensed to serve excellent wines, spirits and beers
  • Open daily between 6pm – 10pm
  • Fully Air Conditioned for your comfort

Peking Cuisine is distinguished by elegant and mildly seasoned dishes as well as rich foods. Garlic and spring onions are widely used and the flavours are distinct and memorable.

The North of China is ‘corn country’ so specialities include a variety of dumplings (precursors of Ravioli), Peking Duck with trimmings, special noodles and pancakes.

Thai cuisine finds its roots in the historical blending of Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Thai cultures. Thai cuisine has become very popular because of the exotic contrasts in taste of the sweet, sour and hot dishes in a typical meal.


“Fantastic Food Fantastic Service, and great value for money, what more do you need?”

Laura Cassar, Newbury

“I have been visiting The Jade Cottage now for over 15 years. You will not find better Peking and Thai cuisine anywhere in this area, this has to be my favourite local restaurant”

Graham Chapple, Newbury